《毛主席语录》是毛泽东著作中名言警句的选编本,发行量位居世界第二(仅次于《圣经》)。因为最流行的版本用红色封面包装,又是红色领袖的经典言论,所以文化大革命中被普遍称为“红宝书”。 严格意义上讲,“红宝书”应包括各种正式出版的毛泽东著作。但由于《毛主席语录》发行量最大、印制最精美、读者最多,且封面又是由红塑料封皮特制,人们心目中的“红宝书”往往专指《毛主席语录》。

Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong (simplified Chinese: 毛主席语录; pinyin: Máo zhǔxí yǔlù), better known in the West as The Little Red Book, was published by the Government of the People's Republic of China from April 1964 until approximately 1976. As its title implies, it is a collection of quotations excerpted from Mao Zedong's past speeches and publications. The book's alternative title The Little Red Book was coined by the West for its pocket-sized edition, which was specifically printed and sold to facilitate easy carrying.

Among the most widely printed books in history, Quotations had an estimated 5 to 6.5 billion copies printed during Mao's attempt to transform Chinese society. The book's phenomenal popularity may be due to the fact that it was essentially an unofficial requirement for every Chinese citizen to own, to read, and to carry it at all times during the later half of Mao's rule, especially during the Cultural Revolution.

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